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Sometimes u just have to look left and look right and find out that the people U thought that were in your corner would rather laugh at you behind your back and be fake in your face. It’s cool: learning more and more each day.

It’s many days I just want to throw in the towel and give up on my accomplishments and say FUCK THE BULLSHIT but the way that my God is set up, he said, “My son, do not give up on the trials that have come your way but no longer make them hinder you but to help you become a stronger you.! You have been created for a purpose and that purpose is not for-filled yet.! Just be patient and wait on my command.! I will not lead you to darkness or despair.!” My God my God.! And in Jesus name I say THANK YOU!!

Y’all go follow this sexy ass mf.!!! His name speaks for itself and his pics add to the cause…. His sex appeal is to die for and his smile… You gotta pay big bucks to see that one. 😘😘😊😊 go follow @lovedezzyy @lovedezzyy @lovedezzyy Repost from @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost @lovedezzyy (at Atlanta Ga)

Sexy classy rough and independent… All characteristics of me but not one time do u see any thing that will hinder me from my blessings.!! Good morning peeps.! (at Piedmont Fayette Hospital)

This isn’t just for the ladies… It’s for everyone. I guess I’m slick in my feelings at the moment because I am truly trying to figure out what’s wrong wit me… Do I not make enough? Do I not care enough? Do I not show you enough? What is it that’s making you love them but not giving me the chance to love you?? #deepinthoughts #deepinfeelings #heartbroken #alone #single #hurt #pain #sadness

Shoutout to the bestie @mrofficialredbottoms for all the love.!!! Y’all follow him he has no sense in his head.!!! But he’s also a hair stylist .!!! He does the important folk. Wanna be important? Hit him up.!! @mrofficialredbottoms @mrofficialredbottoms @mrofficialredbottoms

Shout out to this sexy ass mf…!!! Y’all go follow him.!!! He has some nice pics and as u can see he returns the favor.!!!! It’s worth it even if u just look at him and stare.!!!! Btw… Check out that hair.!!! @cajun_aladdin @cajun_aladdin @cajun_aladdin

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