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Happy birthday to you.! Happy birthday to you.! Happy birthday to my baby girl Keyyyyy…..!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you.!!!!!

Baby girl., from the moment I met you on the side of 285 being impatient trying to drive through a muddy grassy patch, I knew you were an amazing person. From the moment I introduced myself to you and we exchanged information, I knew you were a great person. When we took this photo, we were in New York City.! It was both of our first times and we drove in my little white Honda all the way up there.!

Memories that we shared from face timing one another at all hours of the day and night to texting one another…. The fights the make ups the laughs the cries the hard times and the best times.! This one year that I have had knowing you has been nothing but a blessing to me!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICK.!!!! And I hope that you have many many more.! And I know ima day late…. You can thanks Sprint for that.! I love you @kasiraghike (at Home)

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